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For monitoring and SNMP agents »
For monitoring and SNMP agents

Software-products for shutdown commands of UPS-ser and also SNMP network-cards combined with sensors like temp, humidity and smoke functionalities. 

Software from Generex Germany gives many possibilities to control the UPS and connected equipment in a very intelligent way like SNMP addressable products.
Generex is a German manufacturer of products useful for mentioned type of controls through software or independent IP addresses with SNMP cards connected directly to the UPS.
The SNMP cards can be bought separately and put into a so called SNMP slot or in sep. box connected to the true RS 232 port.
For further information go to the homepage :
Download also Gruenco:s software specially made for your ups by using this link: GRUENCO OEM Website at GENEREX .
Please contact us for download and license-number registration to your ups.
Phone: +46 (0) 760504470
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