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UPS information
Un-inrupptable power supplies ,in Power-range 0.3-10 kVA
1-Phase and 3-Phase/3Phase up to 100 kVA .

Focused in the Line-Interactive size 300-5000 VA and also On-Line 1-10 kVA .
Models as tower, Rack and wall-mounted versions with output transformer as option.

More detailed information can be found under each product group, see below.

Line Interactive

Focused in the Line-Interactive Power range 300-5000 VA

The program is divided into two categories:

1 - Line interactive with modified sine wave and normally with LCD display
      Power range up to 3000 VA. Tower and rack versions.

2 - Line interactive with true sine wave and always with LCD display.
     Power range 600 up to 5000 VA.Tower, rack and convertible versions.
     Expandable models with reinforced charges for long back up time.
     Optional relay cards for, alarms like main failure and low battery.

Click more and you will see some photos of different models. 
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On-line single phase

Tower, rack and convertible models in power range 700 - 10000 VA
All models are equipped with LCD display and USB-RS232, SNMP-slot and battery conector, programmable outlets.
Intelligent LCD display, easy to read and up to 16 parameters.
Power factor 0,7 - 0,9 depending on models.
Extra battery boxes can be connected, built in charger.
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On-line 3-phase

On-line 3 phase/3 phase 10-100kVA
Wide program of traditional  models with out put transformers.
Built in batteries up to 30kVA.
40 - 100kVA preferable with free standing battery banks. Battery quality upon request.
Latest technique with transformerless performance to save weight and foot print.
Modular products for high demand and reliability.

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